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Converting a 46cc Poulan Model 2750 chainsaw for model airplane use. This 2.8ci engine is almost identical in power and weight to a BME 2.7 (44cc).


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This shot shows the intake side of the engine (one with stock ignition and minimal modifications). As you can see, the intake port is oval shaped and the brass tube for the crankcase pressure to the carb is very close to it. I made a pattern of the intake port including the brass tube and transfered it to a piece of aluminum the same thickness as the length of the intake port. The diameter of the aluminum is 1.650 giving me plenty of room for the two 5mm setscrews that hold the adapter to the port. Be careful here, the intake port is very thin cast aluminum and you need to make sure that you don't bear down too hard on the setscrews. The rest of it was pretty easy, I wanted the throttle arm closer the the crank centerline, so I just positioned the carb where I wanted it and used the metal carb spacer(gasket) to mark the location of the holes to mount the carb. (Whew) Next, I made a plywood spacer with the holes for the crank pressure and carb bolts. You have to make a 180*groove in this for the pressure to get to the carb. Don't forget to give this a coat of 30 minute epoxy. Lot of work, but it can be done.:

Below is a photo Of Ralph's motor. On my scale it comes in at 3lbs 7 ozs I have a Dave Patrick Extra 330l on order that this is going in. As you can see, he's turned the cooling fins down on a lathe, and added an electronic ignition.






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