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How much does my wood weigh?

Note: This chart shows the weight in either oz/foot for sticks, or oz/sq' for sheets. Often, wood is quoted in lbs/cubic foot. Please take this into consideration when comparing data from other charts.

Wood Size weight, oz density Notes
Contest Balsa 12"x36"x 1/16" 1.6 .533 oz/sq' 1
Contest Balsa 12"x36"x 3/32" 2.4 .8 oz/sq' 1
Lite Ply, 1/8" 12"x48" 15.6 3.9 oz/sq' 2
Lite Ply, 1/8" 12"x48" 14.5 3.625 oz/sq'
Lite Ply, 1/8" 12"x48" 14.2 3.55 oz/sq'
Ply, 1/64" (thin!) 12"x48" 5.0 1.25 oz/sq'
Ply, 1/32" (thin) 12"x48" 7.9 1.975 oz/sq'
Balsa Sticks 3/8"x36" (6pc.) 2.7 .15 oz/foot 3
Balsa Sticks 3/8"x36" (5pc.) 1.6 .106 oz/foot 4


1: The contest balsa was purchased from Superior Balsa, and is actually three sheets of 4" wide balsa.

2: I purchased three sheets of 1/8" Lite ply, 12"x48", on the same day. I weighed all three, and came up with the results shown. 

3: Balsa purchased from Superior Balsa. This was unspecified weight, and it came out pretty dense and strong.

4: I was surprised at the weight of the above sticks, so I hand picked some from Hobby Shack, and this is what I ended up with--about 2/3 the weight! Note that this wood disappeared from my box much faster than the heavier wood.rcfaq


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