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Radio Control Model Airplane Engine Performance Data Submission

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    We would appreciate any additions to this database. Please include your approximate altitude (city and state, if unknown), and the approx. temp on the day the reading was taken.  We know most of them don't have all of that information, but we would like to get the list as accurate as possible! Also include the engine manufacturer and model number, the prop brand and size, the rpm you measured, and the fuel mix.

    At your request, we will not post your name or email address online, just your initials. We do, however, require your name and email address so we can verify the information if necessary. This will help us maintain the most accurate list possible. Please keep the numbers accurate, and as read when you would be flying. Do not send me numbers of your engine leaned out as fast as it will go just to make it tach higher--that is not realistic and will not help at all. Also include any other relevant information, such as engine age (not broken in, or wore out) or if it's mounted on a test stand with a great deal of surface area. The muffler type is helpful, too.

    As an alternative to the form below, you may submit your data to rpmstat@rcfaq.com . We will include the information as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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Engine Mfr: (i.e. OS, Thunder Tiger, Super Tigre, BME, 3W, etc.)
Engine Model:  (i.e. .46FX, .46 Pro, 2300, 102, 80, etc.)
Displacement:  (in CC's. Click HERE for lookup chart.)
Prop brand:    (i.e. APC, Menz, Zinger, etc.)
Prop size:  (in INCHES i.e. 10*6, 11*4, 16*8, 20*10)
RPM Reading:
Fuel data:   (Include nitro %, oil %, octane, etc.
Additional Info: (such as muffler, glow plug, humidity, temp, run time on engine, etc.)
Confidence:  (1=tached last year, I think...5=I wrote it down immediately.)

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