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Model Building FAQ'S


RC FAQ Exclusives

  1. Covering FAQ's

  2. How much does my WOOD WEIGH? Wood density charts

  3. How do I transfer Plans to the Wood for precise cutting?  NEW!!!

  4. How do I smooth out my plans?

  5. What is the best building board surface?

  6. What tools should I use? See the Tool page.

  7. Cutting Foam Wings & Turtledecks, narrative, as well as with links

  8.  What are Fuel Dots?

  9. What do I do about my fuel soaked fuse and balsa?

  10. Should I use a gas engine, or a glow fuel engine?

  11. How do I make Carbon Fiber (CF) Control Rods and Flying Wires?

  12. Assembling multiple pieces of sheeting, like wing sheeting

  13. How do I calculate the CG of the plane, using three scales?  

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  1. Additional Links & How-to's

  2. Balsa & Suppliers & Hints 

  3. Fiberglass Cowl & Accessories--Suppliers & Hints

  4. Vacuum Forming Supplies & Information

  5. Misc. Kit Building Supplies

  6. Spinners

  7. Wing Bags

  8. Scale Pilots

  9. Graphics & Lettering

  10. Wing Tubes

  11. Fasteners and Hardware Sources

  12. Kit Builders

  13. Kit Cutting

  14. Model Manufacturers

  15. Plans

  16. Full Scale Pages for 3-Views

Plane modifications

  1. How do I convert my wing from rubber banded to bolt down?

  2. How do I install Pull-Pull's?

  3. PullPull for a giant Scale plane

  4. Removable Tail Feathers For My Giant Radiocraft Staudacher NEW

  5. Somethin Extra tips



Additional Links & How-To's

  1. A short and simple how-to on servo hatches

  2. Assembling multiple pieces of sheeting made easier

  3. Ken Blackburn's Paper Airplane page (Guinness record holder.)

  4. Home made Center of Gravity (CG) machine

  5. Practical Model Design

  6. How to save weight!

  7. DosPlane for the PC--graphics-oriented aircraft design program

  8. MacAirplane for the Macintosh




Balsa & Suppliers

NEW!!! How much does my WOOD weigh? NEW!!!

Assembling multiple pieces of sheeting, like wing sheeting

Superior Balsa...who gave me Excellent service & Great Balsa!!!

Superior Balsa describes balsa in detail

Balsa Wood Facts and Weights, by Skyhooks & Rigging

Superior Balsa's FAQ's on balsa

Balsa USA Home Page

Dynamic Balsa


Midwest Products has balsa, Basswood & More

National Balsa Co


Wicks Aircraft Supply - Everything from wing tubes to fiberglass


Fiberglass Cowls, Accessories & Suppliers

Click to read some straight forward info on fiberglassing


    Steve Weber, (No web site, although his cowls look GREAT!)
    Box 185
    Langton, Ontario, Canada
    N0E 1G0
    (519) 875-1533


Stan's Fiber Tech.
TNT Landing gear

Abell Hobbies - R-C Mufflers and Custom Landing Gear







Vacuum Forming Supplies & Information

Vacuum Forming--how to build & use

Gold Scallop vacuum forming tool kits in 3 sizes

Proto-Form Vacuum forming plans & supplies

Hobby Stuff--Vac-U-Form machines in 3 smaller sizes

Vacuum Forming Canopies by Paul Sampson

Castcraft - vacuum forming information

WarmPlastic.com, Modeler's Vacuum Former

Industrial Vacuum forms from Special Effect Supply




Wing Tubes

TNT Landing gear--wing tubes, alum. landing gear, props & more

Gator R-C Pattern plane supplies and Wing Tubes

Wicks Aircraft Supply - Everything from wing tubes to fiberglass



Misc. Kit Building Supplies

Diamond Custom Panels--instrument panels for scale model airplanes

Composite Landing Gear by Ohio RC

TNT Landing gear--wing tubes, alum. landing gear, props & more

Anchor Bond Product--the BEST epoxy for all around building--with pumps!

Gator R-C Pattern plane supplies and Wing Tubes

Wicks Aircraft Supply - Everything from wing tubes to fiberglass

Abell Hobbies - R-C Mufflers and Custom Landing Gear


Darrol Cady carbon fiber rods etc. cf 

Sure Link Custom Control Systems

servo arms...SWB Manufacturing Website

Mcdaniel R-C glow drivers & misc.

UCV Manufacturing, Alum. pushrods and control horns

Snow Ski's from Lynch's Hanger

Sullivan Products Home Page

Great Planes Model Manufacturing Home Page

DU-BROProducts, Inc. 

Dave Brown

Jett Engineering

Tru-Turn home page

SpinMaster spinners and nuts

Kangke Spinners

Airwild Hobbies servo arms

PSP Manufacturing--Good Fuel Dots, Spinners,



Dave Brown

Tru-Turn home page

SpinMaster spinners and nuts

Kangke Spinners

PSP Manufacturing--Spinners,



Wing Bags

Airwild Hobbies, wing bags and

AirCare wing bags



Chingbergh Enterprices


Scale Pilots

Scale Pilots, 27%-40% from DH Models

Acadian RC -1/7-1/8 Scale Pilots, the original RAM pilots


MGA Scale Pilots from Ohio R/C--Ohio is "temporarily" out of business.

Crazy Pilots--crazy looking & custom pilots made from photos

Hobby-Lobby--cheap hand painted rubber molded pilots


Graphics & Lettering

ARD's custom made graphics

Bill Fulmers Custom Cut Lettering

VinylWrite Graphics


Fasteners and other Hardware Sources

Microfastener Home

Accurate Screw Machine Corp.



Who Will Build My Kit?

Innovative Wings

Van Flowers & Shane Howard

Tanya's Model Building

Dalton Model Aircraft, specializing in Giant Scale


ARD Ent.'s building service

The best and quickest builder I know of is A. J. Lee of Midland, TX.  He had 5 planes at the TOC this year.  You can call him at 915-687-4142.  His prices are reasonable and he can modify to your desire. Ken York from the GSAL email list


Who performs Kit Cutting?

All American Kit Cutters

Balsa USA Home Page

Big Ed's Hobbies


Cornell Michaels - Precision Kit Cutting

Engraved, Marked & Cut Samples

High Desert Cutter

Kern Electronics and Lasers, Inc.

Laser cutter with good pricing--Jeff Clark


Precision Cut Kits

SIG Manufacturing Co. (Yes, they do laser cutting.)

Superior Balsa die cutting

Tom Dixon's Model Airplanes

Several Wood Kit Suppliers (less plans)


Model & Kit Manufacturers

A&A Industries


A J Engineering


Aerobatics Dhmodels


Aerotech R-C Model's

Aeroworks Home Page 303 366-4205

Air Flair, Inc. international home page of our RC model aircraft.

AirBorne Models, LLC - Home

Airwild Hobbies

Balsa USA Home Page

Bill Griggs Models Speed 400 electric model kits ducted fans motors R-C

Boomerang! Homepage

Bowman's Hobbies - EPP Foam Model Sailplane Kits


Carl Goldberg Models Inc. - Home Page

Chuck Cunningham's Sky Master Industries

D and L Designs, R-C Model Aircraft Plans & Kits

Dave Patrick Models-Team Patrick home

Dave's Aircraft Works--small, scale foamie planes

Dick Hanson's models--IMAC and Pattern

DuraPlane Home Page

Dynaflite Home Page

Flitecraft...Good ARF Planes

Folding Flyer Radio Controlled Airplane

Garrison Aerodrome R-C Models

Gator R-C Home Page


Global Exclusive Products

HobbyFlite Inc foam flying wing and boeing 747

JK Aerotech Foamies

Kangke Super Kraft ARF

Kinetics, hovercraft Mfg.

Kyosho Stratus Sports & Soarus Sports

Lanier RC, Inc.

Lynch's Hanger--Giant Fun Fly

Mattes Models-- $15 Blue Foamie

Midwest planes

MM Glider Tech--park flyers, foamies, combat & slope soaring

Modaire Industries - Scale Twin Engine RC Aircraft Models!


Morris Hobbies Product Index

Newsletter - Horizon Hobby #2

Newsletter - Horizon Hobby


Pirate Models

Precision Aviation, by Bob Godfrey

R.C. Models America, Inc.- Complete Large Scale Model Aircraft Kits

RCstore.com - Radio Control Plans, Magazines and Books


SIG Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Sky Master Industries

Tanya's Model Building

Tim McDonough's Electric Flight Products

Todd's Models

Trick R-C (Zagi)

Troy Built Models

UCV Manufacturing, giant scale aerobatic planes

Yellow Aircraft International

ZNLINE (Large IMAC type airplane models)


RC Airplane Calculator


Plans  (For viewing plans, download the free TurboCAD.)

StarCad Plans Complete Free Model Airplane Planes in CAD

Planos R/C, site with over 300 plans

Plans misc. planes access. and Park & Slow flyers 

Dingo--Cheap Wingo knock-off plans

Pibros Construction Article--a foamie delta

RCMicroFlight.com - Plans Download

Airborne Magazine Plans Home Page

RCM Alphabetical Plans Listing

Balsa USA, Model Airplane Kits

Bob Banka's Scale Model Research


Model Plans

Pat's Custom Modes, from little electrics to Giants, mostly scale planes

Plans d'avion

Radio Control Model News

RC Models in Russia

RCstore.com - radio-control model books, plans and magazines

Scale Combat Home

SI models--giant biplanes

Sig Airplanes


Traplet Publications On-line

Wendell Hostetler Plans

Wing Mfg. Giant Scale RC Airplane Plans

Scratch Built Flight Box

plotting service


Full Scale

NEW!!  Compass Light Aircraft Gallery--1657 photos of 368 aircraft!

aviators studio - fai world grand prix - aircraft - profiles

Aerobatic Gallery paint schemes

Extra manufacturer home page

Zivko Aeronautics Inc., Mfr. of the EDGE series

Panzl S-330 Unlimited Monoplane, a derivative of the Staudacher

Aerobatic plane 3-views


these links are bad, and I'm looking for their new home:

--Eduardo's home page

--Hundreds of 3-view drawings on Eduardo's Page


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